A modern wine shop in a historical building

Our selection embodies a sublime union between the sacred traditions and the modern avant-garde. You have the opportunity to encounter not only the esteemed but also authentic wine gems still hidden from the general public, which in the near future, will boast of inestimable praise reserved for unparalleled masters of international oenology.

Our investigations are not limited to the splendid Tuscany, but we aim to delight your palates with magnificent pearls from every corner of Italy and of the most well known wine regions of the globe.

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The treasure of our premises
In the ancient frame of the Avignonesi Palace the technology of the enomatic machines allow the tasting of forty five different labels so that you can choose the wine best suited to you for a tasting, for your personal cellar or for you to decide what to accompany the dishes chosen from the restaurant menu. You will be provided with a card that allows you to freely choose your tastings or if you want you can be advised by our wine experts. We await you in Montepulciano to offer you a wine experience without precedent, where the passion for wine joins with the enchantment of the environment, creating an unforgettable union.

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Tasting tours

At La Bottega del Nobile you have the possibility to carry out a tasting journey to discover the great Italian and non-Italian wines. It is possible, with a booking to have a private and personalised wine experience according to the needs of your palate, not only within our splendid wine shop, but also in a unique environment suchas the Villa Trecci Park

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Tuscany Uncorked Society

A unique Wine Club experience of its kind

Wine Experts

Our Sommeliers

The element of excellence that distinguishes our wine shop: our team of wine experts. Our wine experts, are true virtuosos of wine, they are incessantly trying and searching for new emotions, and are willing to share with you their discoveries. Always ready to offer advice and to satisfy your every need, our wine experts will guide you with skill in the selection of the wines most suitable for an evening of unique flavours, until the creation for you an authentic wine treasure chest: a private cellar.

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