La Bottega del Nobile

A Gastronomic triumph and Precious Wines in the sanctum of Montepulciano. Explore the Delicious Culinary Excellence and the Sweet Nectar of the Earth, Accommodated in the Sacred Heart of Montepulciano

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A Pure and Authentic Experience

Wine shop Restaurant
in Montepulciano

in proximity to the Majestic Gate of the Porta al Prato of Montepulciano, arises the sumptuous harmonious Avignonesi Palace, a magnificent building in fine travertine, erected in the XVI Century, known also as the Palace of the Lions.

At the foot of this majestic residence, is found the Restaurant and Wine Shop of the Bottega Del Nobile, in which the tables are situated outside the sumptuous Palace, in the Main Street of Montepulciano, among the curving vaults of its historic cellars.


A sensual experience that extols the typical cooking to a superior level

Our signature kitchen is the embodiment of a constant commitment to excellence. We are inspired by a burning passion for gastronomy and of a irrepressible desire to create an unforgettable experience for our guests. Our kitchen is a living work of art, a harmony between tastes and colours that exalt the culinary tradition and transforms it into something extraordinary.

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Wine Shop

Wine Treasures

Our wine shop is an authentic archive of wine jewels, that preserves a valuable collection of wines from the well known local cellars, and also Italian and international cellars. Our master sommeliers are pleased to assist you in the selection of a perfect nectar, capable of sublimating the flavours of your banquet, giving you a unique, one of a kind food and wine experience.

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